Care Needs Solutions is a company that is committed to providing quality care to participants under the NDIS scheme. The founder, Josie Roberts-Smith, is a registered nurse who is passionate about bringing a unique and quality approach to disability care. The company has grown and expanded over the years, catering to the needs of an increasing number of participants. However, as the company grew, it faced a challenge that many growing businesses face – managing their IT infrastructure.

The existing system was outdated and could not meet the demands of the company’s rapid growth, leading to frequent disruptions in the company’s daily operations. With the sensitive nature of their work, the company needed to ensure the security of their data and communications. Care Needs Solutions required an IT solution that could cater to their needs, provide reliable and efficient service, and offer security that aligned with the company’s values and standards.



The challenge faced by Care Needs Solutions was significant. The outdated IT infrastructure not only hindered the company’s growth but also disrupted their operations, resulting in lost time and money. The company’s staff members had to spend a considerable amount of time troubleshooting IT issues, which could have been utilised in providing quality care services to their participants. The company’s reputation was also at stake as it struggled to deliver the same level of quality services that it was known for.

Moreover, the company’s IT infrastructure did not meet the necessary security standards, putting sensitive data at risk of unauthorized access and breaches. Care Needs Solutions had to find an IT solution that was not only reliable and efficient but also catered to their specific needs. The company required a solution that would ensure the security of their data and communications while also being accessible and user-friendly. Additionally, Care Needs Solutions had to find an IT partner that was trustworthy and could provide ongoing support to maintain their IT infrastructure.

 “Before working with Queensland Computers, our business had been struggling with outdated networking equipment and inadequate security measures. This caused issues such as slow file transfers and backups, and inefficient communication between staff members.

– Josie Roberts-Smith, Owner


Queensland Computers, a trusted IT solutions provider in regional Queensland, offered a comprehensive solution that addressed all of Care Needs Solutions’ specific needs and challenges. The proposed solution included upgrading the networking equipment, installing a new phone system, and providing new internet connections. This solution was practical and provided a range of benefits that supported the growth of the company while maintaining their commitment to security.

The solution was tailored to meet the unique requirements of Care Needs Solutions. It included upgrading the existing network equipment to modern and robust equipment, which included firewalls, routers, switches, and access points, ensuring high network availability and speed. Queensland Computers provided a robust and secure network infrastructure that met the latest security standards, minimizing the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access.

Installing a new phone system, which included cloud-based PBX and SIP trunking, allowed seamless communication between staff and participants. The new phone system improved the efficiency of communication between staff members, which helped to reduce operational costs and improve the quality of care services provided to participants.

Providing new internet connections that were robust, fast, and secure ensured that the company’s data was secure and available to authorized personnel only. Queensland Computers provided Care Needs Solutions with a reliable and fast internet connection that helped the company to access essential data and information faster and efficiently.


“Our networking hardware is now state-of-the-art and offers reliable high-speed coverage across all sites. We have also been able to significantly reduce operational costs while providing secure data storage and access.”

– Josie Roberts-Smith, Owner


The new phone system and networking equipment improved connectivity and reliability, increased efficiency.

In addition to the network and phone system upgrade, Queensland Computers also provided Care Needs Solutions with new internet connections. This allowed the company to increase its internet speed, which was essential for the staff to work more efficiently. The upgraded system also provided a more secure platform for data storage and sharing, which is particularly important for businesses that handle sensitive information.

The new internet connections offered by Queensland Computers were robust, fast, and secure. They were designed to ensure that Care Needs Solutions’ data was secure and available to authorized personnel only. This helped to minimize the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access, providing the company with peace of mind that their sensitive data was protected.

Moreover, the new internet connections provided by Queensland Computers allowed Care Needs Solutions to access essential data and information faster and more efficiently. This was a significant advantage for the company as it enabled the staff to work more efficiently, ultimately leading to better quality care services provided to participants.

The upgraded IT infrastructure also enabled Care Needs Solutions to expand its services and increase its capacity to support more participants under the NDIS scheme. The system’s scalability has provided the company with the confidence to pursue its growth ambitions without worrying about infrastructure limitations. The ongoing support provided by Queensland Computers has also given Care Needs Solutions peace of mind, knowing that their IT infrastructure is in safe hands.

 “With the new infrastructure in place, our participants can now benefit from a secure and reliable network that offers more efficient communication between staff members, ultimately resulting in an improved quality of service.”

– Josie Roberts-Smith, Owner

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