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Billed in full hour increments – includes back to base travel time

Standard Service Work

$135.00 per hour exclusive of GST (response time is 3 working days for onsite assistance. In the event that the service queue is FULL, you may elect to take up the DISASTER RECOVERY RATE to ensure a faster resolution time)


$225.00 per hour (next available technical officer will attend your job – in the event that all technical staff are onsite STANDARD RATE JOBS will be placed back into the queue to allow the officer to leave site and attend the priority call)

Terms and conditions

Terms & Conditions:

  • We are not bound to hold data relating to your site – however, Queensland Computers may choose to retain some information to assist in the delivery of service in the future. Any data stored will be secured on a SOC2 Compliant document management system.
  • Casual Work is billed per full hour for the time provided, this does not guarantee any specific outcome
  • Queensland Computers take no responsibility for clients ongoing site management, consulting or maintenance. This includes but is not limited to Digital Security, Backups, Documentation, Patch Management, Anti-Virus, User Access or ongoing operation of the site
  • Whilst Queensland Computers aims to attend to all casual jobs within 3 business days, there is no SLA attached to casual support.


Payment terms

I acknowledge all account payment terms are 14 days from invoice.

My account will incur a 5% late payment fee if invoices are not paid within the 14 days and each month thereafter on all invoices overdue.

Any account over 60 days from invoice date may be automatically be forwarded to Queensland Computers nominated debt collection agency, whereby I understand that I will be responsible for all fees, charges and commissions.  Additionally, if payment is made by cheque that is dishonoured a surcharge of 20% of the cheque amount plus the recovery costs will be charged by Queensland Computers.

I am an authority to sign on behalf of my company/business and will be personally liable if not so.

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