Managed Emails / Hosted Exchange

Add/remove mailboxes at any time to suit your needs.

Unlimited web traffic.

Choice of Premium or Basic mailboxes.

Managed Emails

Managed Emails – Hosted Exchange

More email flexibility. Less server hassle and cost.

Exchange servers are utilized in many large businesses as the go-to email solution. Server and maintenance costs for these servers can number into the tens of thousands of dollars, that’s where we come in. By moving onto a Queensland Computers Hosted Exchange solution, you get all the benefits having an Exchange server in your office, without having to pay the expensive hardware and maintenance costs.

Hosted Exchange is more than just e-mail, it’s a powerful collaboration tool. You can manage contacts, calendars, tasks and email whether you are at your desk or on the go.

Because it’s hosted in the cloud, you lose the pain of managing servers and gain the benefits of backups and data security. Hosted Exchange for your business increases staff productivity and drives costs down.

Emails, calendar and contacts. Synchronised on all your devices

Mail, contacts, calendars and files. Shared.

  • Mobile access. Don’t be tied to your desk. ActiveSync for iPhone, Windows devices and Android lets you send and receive email, access appointments and collaborate with staff when you’re on the go.
  • Desktop access. Microsoft Outlook and Exchange are the perfect match. Unlock all the features and functionality of Outlook with Hosted Exchange.
  • Web access. Login from anywhere to the secure Outlook Web App and manage your email, calendar and tasks. Plus, get instant updates to the desktop and mobile devices.

Australian Data Centre

Your data is located in Australian data centre helping you meet regulatory requirements.

Other companies keep your data offshore, resulting in slower transfer speeds and more waiting.

Local customer support

Your email will be configured and deployed to your computers and devices.  Simply tell us the domain name you want and we do the rest.

Additionally, there is help available 24/7 with the customer support center based right here in Australia.


Give your business the professional image it deserves and your customers confidence with a business email address.

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