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Queensland Computers provides a number of Business Telephony Services, taking the worry out of telecommunications for your business.
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Quality phone system setup and support

Queensland Computers’ expert team can help you determine the right telephone and communications system for your business. We can set you up with a Voice over IP (VoIP) provider, manage and perform all aspects of infrastructure, planning, planned expansion, utilizing existing infrastructure and phone services to maximise the benefit of going with a VoIP solution.
We manage small businesses with single and dual line solutions, all the way up to large scale, multi-line, multi-bridged PBX systems with hundreds of extensions. Using a software-based PBX server as opposed to a conventional hardware based PBX system offers multiple benefits:
  • With a hardware system, you pay for a bare bones configuration, then pay additional fees for additional features.
  • With a software based PBX, you get a full featured PBX out of the box, and only pay for how many simultaneous calls you make.
  • You pay a smaller initial outlay, utilizing pre-existing equipment in your business to power the PBX instead of purchasing expensive new equipment.
  • If you need to expand in the future, the only thing you need is additional licenses, making the process easier by far.

3CX Software

The 3CX software used at the heart of our phone systems is designed with ease of use and configuration in mind. Combine this cutting edge PBX software with a multi-line VoIP service provider and you have a cost effective and efficient way of managing your day-to-day business communication requirements. Talk to our business team for more details.

NBN for Business

Excited about the National Broadband Network (NBN)? Queensland Computers is a service provider of NBN connections and can work with you and your business step-by-step to ensure a smooth transition to a new NBN connection.

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We also provide data cabling services, making us your one-stop-shop for phone systems.

Telstra Wholesaler

Queensland Computers is also a Telstra Wholesaler for connections.

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Mobile Communications

Queensland Computers will soon be able to provide mobile communications solutions for your business.

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