Communication is at the heart of every Queensland business. When your technology doesn’t allow you to communicate effectively, it impacts every part of your organisation. This is what happened to Daywalk. 

When all of your competitors are collaborating and working with clients more easily than ever, you can’t afford to get left behind.


Daywalk is taking a leading role in transport logistics solutions throughout Australia. Their efforts to ensure that heavy industry companies meet their compliance and safety obligations were consistently undermined by legacy communication systems. 

Their team approached Queensland Computers because they had: 

  • Reached a point of critical failure with their existing telephone infrastructure, 
  • Maintained the same VoIP system for almost a decade – which was struggling to scale as the company grew, and
  • Found that there wasn’t a user-friendly way for their team to work together effectively. 

“We reached out to Kristy from Queensland Computers for our time-critical migration, because we knew that their team had the industry expertise to help us and the backbone to make it happen – including implementation over the holiday period.”

– Rick Menzies, Engineering Coordinator.


Because Queensland Computers was already Daywalk’s managed IT provider (for over four years), our team had a great deal of insight into their company’s infrastructure, technology requirements and business goals. 

After speaking with their team, we determined that replacing Daywalk’s legacy telephone system with Microsoft Teams Calling was the optimal solution.

Daywalk was apprehensive about making such a significant change to the foundation of their IT landscape. To ensure that the wider organisation would be comfortable with Teams Calling, we proposed setting the system up for a handful of key users – to test its suitability – before rolling it out to the entire company.

This included: 

  • Implementing full unified communications-as-a-service (UCaaS) – with:
    • traditional phone system replacement, 
    • workspace chat, 
    • video-conferencing, 
    • screen and file sharing, and 
    • app integration.
  • Deploying Common Area Phone Licenses and numbers for all users.
  • Setting up call forwarding from the existing primary number.
  • Establishing a calling queue and out-of-hours voicemail to a group inbox.

After the successful test, Luke and Ethan (Director and Business Support Engineer, respectively) also visited Daywalk before the full transition to answer any questions and ensure that they were completely comfortable with the process.


Queensland Computers helped Daywalk establish a modern work environment that increases their productivity and allows their team to better engage with their clients. 

By replacing their ageing, basic telephony system with a well-supported and feature-rich UCaaS, Daywalk now has access to:

  • An easy-to-use, all-in-one communications solution that boosts collaboration; 
  • An entire Queensland-based technical team that understands their technology and business; and 
  • A system where new users are easy to add – with a flat rate cost-per-user – removing scalability problems.

“Since the initial rollout, we continue to use and love our Teams Calling solution. Queensland Computers has made sure that our technology is always ready to grow with us.“

– Rick Menzies, Engineering Coordinator.

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