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    Business and Enterprise


    Business and Enterprise

    Are you finding it hard to properly manage your IT infrastructure?

    Know you’re missing out on functionality, but don’t know where to start?

    Improved Productivity

    Effectively implementing the right technology has a profound impact on your profitability. However, hardware and software evolve every day. You need the right expertise to leverage all the benefits of a connected workplace cost-effectively.

    Hassle Free Service

    Queensland Computers simply makes it easier to do business. We work side-by-side with you to implement what you need for a more productive and efficient workplace. Let us focus on your IT, so you focus on your day-to-day.

    End-to-end technology that improves your workflows
    A consultative approach from transparent Queensland experts
    Cost-effective solutions that put results – not brands – first
    Reduce inefficiencies and enjoy increased productivity
    Mitigate risks that could cost you down the road

    Advanced technology

    for all-around functionality

    Addressing obstacles

    to ensure continued success

    Economic strategies

    that guarantee results

    Increasing capabilities

    to generate stronger work output

    Minimising liabilities

    for future security

    Some of Our Current Business and Enterprise Contracts:

    Servicing Agent

    Help Desk


    Is your department finding it difficult to meet stakeholder expectations?

    Struggling to manage outdated systems that are affecting your outcomes?

    Technology Agnostic Solutions

    Organisations in the public sector are facing increased pressure to deliver better services more affordably. Your requirements present unique technology challenges that often call for creative solutions outside the “latest and greatest”.

    Recognised Contractor

    Queensland Computers has a long history of managing government contracts. As true Queenslanders, we can bring large scale technology partners into your organisation – supplying, configuring and deploying professional solutions.

    Device procurement from a contracted provider
    Outcome-focused approach that emphasises reliability
    A regional business that knows what locals need
    De-risking IT implementation for long-term stability
    Supporting your communities and important causes

    Streamline software

    from advanced technology partners

    Develop technology

    to ensure lasting strength

    Understand localities

    of small to medium sized businesses

    Centre results

    that highlight credibility

    Assist networks

    in helping people and social causes

    Our Current Government Contracts:

    DTA-ICT-080 (HM118)
    Hardware Marketplace

    Technical End User Support

    ICT Solutions and Services

    Smart Cities Connected Communities

    Whole of Government QLD PC

    Whole of Government QLD Apple

    Whole of Government QLD Interactive and AV Solutions

    Whole of Australian Government for IT Products


    Are you looking to maximise technology to deliver content more effectively?

    Are you frustrated by the amount of time spent managing your hardware and software?

    Better Learning

    Students and instructors expect the latest technology. Nowhere needs streamlined and efficient IT solutions more than our education institutions. Your learning, teaching and administrative environment need expert management to get the most from your investment.

    School BYOD Program – to register, click here

    Experts in Education

    Queensland Computers works with schools and universities across Queensland to deliver the right equipment and support for your needs. We’re locals who work side-by-side with you to ensure that we deploy dynamic solutions in a hassle-free way.

    One-to-one technology to improve digital accessibility
    Device and brand agnostic approach with ongoing support
    Procuring the right technology that boosts engagement
    Learning development for teachers and students
    Technology consultancy to help achieve your goals

    Device choice consultancy

    Device choice consultancy

    technology that supports student learning goals 

    Professional learning planning

    Professional learning planning

    to enhance the curriculum delivery

    Fast Quote Turnaround

    Fast quote turnaround

    dedicated local team with on-site stock

    end to end education solutions

    End to end education solutions

    from cases through to servers

    BYOD Programme

    BYOD program

    get your school BYOD ready

    Our Current Education Contracts:

    DETSOA (82061)
    Supply of Apple Products

    DETSOA (84891)
    End User Computing

    QEDSOA (71789)
    Interactive Solutions