As Australia’s leading importer, stockist, and wholesaler of commercial & hospitality furniture, Furnlink understands the importance of business security. They have been using traditional CCTV systems for many years, but we’re starting to experience some problems.

Old systems were difficult to manage and were no longer providing the level of security that Furnlink needed. They needed a system that was easy to use and would give the required level of protection.



With a tight timeline, Furnlink needed to find an easy way to manage its CCTV solution. They used one complicated and confusing system, so they investigated alternatives.

Josh, General Manager at Furnlink, engaged with Queensland Computers to develop a custom solution explicitly suited to what Furnlink’s’ needs were. Queensland Computers had previously partnered with multiple contractors between Brisbane and Bundaberg offices, making them an ideal candidate to deploy the solutions quickly and modify settings remotely should something happen. 


“We have used Queensland Computers in the past for various projects and have always come away with a good result. In this instance we had a solution that require installation across multiple sites and knowing that QC specialise in equipment that met my requirements it is a no brainer to engage with John and the team.”

– Josh Rowland, General Manager.


Queensland Computers deployed the Unifi platform to overcome our networking and CCTV requirements challenges. This approach allowed us to provide multiple camera connections across numerous locations, which meant we could store all data on a single Cloud Key, providing remote access for both sites!

We also collaborated closely with suppliers; they were involved in every step during system deployment because nothing is done without them, especially during a heavily COVID-impacted industry.

The Unifi platform gave us a cost-effective and flexible way to overcome the networking challenges at our sites, as we could provide multiple camera connections across numerous locations. It meant we could store all data on one Cloud Key, providing remote access for both workers needing assistance and security cameras monitoring customer behaviour within stores nationwide! Collaborating closely with suppliers helped deliver this system ahead of schedule – it had been designed so that the solution would seamlessly integrate them into Furnlink’s existing IT infrastructure without disrupting any processes or business functions.


“I have always had a good experience with Queensland Computers. They take ownership and accountability of all projects we have asked them to complete. I’d have no hesitation in engaging them again for future projects.”

– Josh Rowland, General Manager.


Queensland Computers assisted Furnlink in setting up a new site that included data and networking, making it easier for them to keep track of their products and customers. This system

provides the security they need while being easily accessible remotely

  • The team at Furnlink were able to move to their new site and update their CCTV solution simultaneously.
  • The Unifi platform made deployment a breeze with its simple and intuitive interface.
  • Excellent communication and reliable support from the Queensland Computers team completed the project successfully!

Collaborating with our clients is a crucial part of any successful project. At Queensland Computers, we pride ourselves on working in partnership and delivering solutions that meet their needs – take this case study where Furnlink’s CCTV system was implemented by working closely together and utilizing third-party installers.

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