2022 Hummingbird Lake Monduran Barra Classic is an event for anglers of all skill levels. Anglers can test themselves against the very best in Queensland for the chance to win their share of over 5K in prizes. 

Julie organised the 2022 Hummingbird Lake Monduran Barra Classic as an event for anglers of all skill levels, 20km north of Gin Gin on the Bruce Highway, a 4.5-hour drive from Brisbane.

The 2022 Hummingbird Lake Monduran Barra Classic engaged Queensland Computers’ help to provide Wi-Fi access to anglers during the tournament. This was necessary because many of the anglers replied on online resources to help them catch Barra. The dam is in an area with limited connectivity, so it was essential to have a reliable, high-speed internet connection.



Providing internet access for anglers was proving to be complicated. Because the dam is located in a disconnected location, it was critical to have a dependable and high-speed internet connection.

The problem with using the standard NBN service in a rural location is that it can be unreliable. The NBN is often designed for areas with high population density, so getting a good signal in a rural area can be challenging.

 Without quality internet service, competitors wouldn’t have been able to

  • Submitting catches online
  • Check Live scoring updates on the website
  • Review the Leaderboard online

This benefit meant anglers didn’t have to return to the weigh-in station to report their catches and allowed them to continue fishing. The live scoring updates on the website were also critical in allowing people to follow the tournament as it happened. They could see how each angler was doing in real-time.


I didn’t know how to solve our internet problem when planning the event, so I started to ask around. Luke was referred to me, and after speaking with him, he said he could help me with Wi-Fi, which got the competition up and running. He was great to work with and took the time to understand our vision.

– Julie, Treasurer


Queensland Computer showcased our newest service from Starlink to give anglers access to Wi-Fi for the duration of the tournament. Starlink is ideally suited for areas where connectivity has been unreliable or completely unavailable, making it the perfect service to provide access to Wi-Fi for the duration of the tournament. 

  • High speed, low latency broadband internet
  • Ideal for areas where connectivity has been unreliable or completely unavailable
  • Combine a 4G failover service to ensure continuity of service
  • Self-service install kit – or professional install depending on your specific site need
  • Across SEQ and CQ, many businesses operate in areas where connectivity is challenging.

 Luke deployed a Starlink Hardware Self Install kit which provided unlimited data, capable of bandwidth speeds of 50 – 250 down and 20 Up.


“The feedback from the competitors was that with Starlink, everyone in the competition was able to use it and thought it was fantastic. Luke was amazing and i’m excited to think about how we can take the competition to the next level now we can access this service.”

– Julie, Treasurer


In this case, we installed a temporary service just for the tournament weekend.

Due to Starlink access, Anglers could communicate their catches on the dam quickly and easily with their teammates. We were successfully able to  

  • Provide internet support not previously accessible to the competition

  • Give anglers access to Wi-Fi for the duration of the tournament

  • Assist Julie by converting text reports to an email service so that catches could be quickly reported and the scoring updated.

The 2022 Hummingbird Lake Monduran Barra Classic was a success due to the Julie’s organisation and collaboration and Queensland Computers. The Starlink service was a key reason for the tournament’s success. Not only for the anglers but also for Queensland Computers. It allowed them to showcase their newest product and how it can benefit businesses in rural areas with unreliable or no connectivity.

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