Modern businesses need scalable technology infrastructure and ongoing support to succeed. Without them, organisations can get bogged down managing their IT or end up paying far too much for limited capabilities. 

Servatus made sure that their technology was ready for their rapid growth – and the proof is in the results. 


As part of building a state-of-the-art research and production facility in Coolum, biopharmaceutical company, Servatus, needed an IT solution that could adapt to their changing needs. 

Because the new facility would be producing medical-grade biopharmaceuticals and be heavily staffed, it would require an extensive IT rollout. However, the company:

  • Was reliant on ageing hardware that hurt productivity, 
  • Had no day-to-day technical support for their team, and 
  • Was not leveraging cloud infrastructure or cloud-based software.


First and foremost, Queensland Computers wanted to ensure that the onboarding process would cause as few interruptions to Servatus’ business as possible. 

Matthew, one of our Senior Business IT Support Engineers, spent time gathering information, reviewing the deployment plan and communicating with the Servatus team to organise as much as possible before deployment. This allowed our technical team to quickly address any issues that could arise unexpectedly and require an on-site presence.  

Based on initial conversations between Queensland Computers and Servatus, we found four keys areas to address:

  • Roll out new system hardware from tier 1 vendors – including equipment recording and asset tagging – to modernise their technology landscape.
  • Merge and sync their customer relationship management (CRM) software to minimise transition downtime.
  • Create Microsoft user accounts for their wider team – providing guidance on how to leverage 365 and Teams to boost productivity.
  • Configure their new cloud environment to enable improved collaboration.
  • Customise and deploy new phone systems – including porting and configuring ring groups and call flows.
  • Offer an all-inclusive, flat-rate ‘Total Office’ package – with remote Help Desk support, centrally managed security, backups and monitoring.


From start to finish, we were able to deliver this solution within six weeks – inclusive of our early engagement and coordinating site visits around the new facility requirements. By outsourcing their IT to Queensland Computers, and opting for a ‘Total Office’ package, Servatus has received ongoing end-to-end support for every user in their organisation.

Today, their team is able to take advantage of:

  • A single contact number and email address for any IT issue.
  • A full technical team that understands their needs and can address most of them remotely – from setting up new users to managing security alerts. 
  • A renewed focus on their important work, thanks to hardware and software that’s now far more responsive to their needs.

Since their engagement with Queensland Computers, Servatus has grown exponentially – almost doubling the number of initially supported users. However, our scalable solution means that we’ve been able to bring all these new users into their existing IT support agreement with ease.

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