TKM Construction Group is a commercial construction company based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. Specializing in tilt panel construction, ceilings and partitions, commercial concreting, and formwork, the company has a skilled team of project managers, supervisors, tradespeople, and administration staff. TKM has a strong safety culture with a record of zero loss time injuries and values trust, passion, innovation, and excellence. The company commits to being the best in their field and to delivering cost-effective, smart solutions through creativity, courage, and collaboration.

TKM Construction Group was referred to Queensland Computers by Rockwall Partners and was seeking assistance with managed IT support, Microsoft 365 migration, and migration to the cloud as they prepare to move to a new build in the next 12 months.



As a construction company, TKM Construction Group relies on efficient and reliable technology to manage projects, communicate with clients and partners, and maintain accurate financial and project records. However, with a dispersed team working on various sites, TKM was struggling to maintain a cohesive and effective IT system. The company’s IT infrastructure was outdated and prone to frequent issues, leading to lost productivity and frustrated employees.

In addition, TKM was using a mix of on-premises servers and various cloud storage solutions, resulting in confusion and difficulty in accessing and sharing data. TKM Construction Group needed a comprehensive and reliable IT solution to support their business needs and allow them to focus on their core competencies.




“Before partnering with Queensland Computers, managing our IT systems was a constant headache. But now, with their expert support and proactive maintenance, we can focus on our core business and know that our IT is in good hands.

– Kate Marshall, General Manager


Queensland Computers was able to provide TKM Construction Group with a tailored managed IT support solution that addressed their specific needs and challenges. The team at Queensland Computers conducted a thorough assessment of TKM’s current IT infrastructure and identified opportunities for improvement. They provided recommendations for updating and upgrading hardware and software, as well as implementing new technologies to enhance productivity and efficiency.

To address the issue of dispersed teams and difficulty in accessing and sharing data, Queensland Computers assisted TKM in migrating to Microsoft 365. This allowed TKM to take advantage of cloud-based tools such as Office 365, Teams, and OneDrive, enabling employees to access and collaborate on documents and projects from any location. In addition, Queensland Computers provided training and support to ensure that TKM employees were able to utilize the full range of Microsoft 365 features and benefits.

To further streamline TKM’s IT system and improve data management, Queensland Computers also assisted in migrating TKM’s data to the cloud. This allowed TKM to benefit from increased security, scalability, and accessibility of their data, as well as reduced IT costs and maintenance. Queensland Computers worked closely with TKM to ensure a smooth and successful migration to the cloud, with minimal disruption to the company’s operations




“Cybersecurity is a major concern for any business, and TKM Construction Group is no exception. Queensland Computers has provided us with robust protection against threats, as well as security awareness training for our team members. We feel confident knowing that our systems are secure.”

– Kate Marshall, General Manager


With the assistance of Queensland Computers, TKM Construction Group was able to implement a modern and effective IT system that supported their business needs and allowed them to focus on their core competencies.

The managed IT support solution provided by Queensland Computers ensured that TKM’s IT infrastructure was regularly updated and maintained, resulting in increased productivity and reduced downtime. The Microsoft 365 migration enabled TKM employees to collaborate and access data from any location, improving communication and efficiency. The migration to the cloud also provided TKM with increased security, scalability, and accessibility of their data, as well as reduced IT costs and maintenance.

Overall, the partnership with Queensland Computers allowed TKM Construction Group to streamline their IT system and improve their business operations.

 “It went really well, we are very happy with it/ Jordan was awesome, very informative, easy to deal with and communicated very well. Kristy was professional and efficient and she explained everything in clear terms.  Hence why we decided to make the move to Qld Computers.”

Kate Marshall, General Manager

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